We’ve already had a few this summer season, and looking forward to a bunch more of these quiet summer Shabbat weekends. If any of you would like to come up for a getaway Shabbat, please be in touch with us. We have in-house accommodations available on a first-come basis, or there are nearby hotels. Please let us know if you’d like to come, or even come up with a group of alumni friends. Upcoming Cozy-Shabbat weekends planned are: this weekend June 22, June 29, July 6, July 20, July 27, August 3, and August 17.

We will be in Morristown NJ for the Shabbat of July 13-14 at the home of Raizy’s sister Nechama Dina and Rabbi Sholom Ber Hendel. They offered to host a reunion brunch at their home 11am-1pm on Sunday, July 15th. As it looks now we’ll have some nice families from our earliest years at UAlbany, alumni from the early part of our 20 years (thus far!). Please let us know if you’d be interested. We’d love to see you if you can!

This is a first for us! Save the date for Sunday July 29, on the 4th floor of the “Shluchim Office” on Eastern Parkway just steps away from the Kingston Ave stop on the #3 train. The reunion is planned from 1-3pm, with options for a pre-reunion walking-tour of some Crown Heights landmarks (Rebbe’s synagogue, library, possibly his private study) and also option for those who’d like to go after the reunion to one of the celebrated Kosher restaurants in the area including Izzy’s Smokehouse, Basil, the Bakehouse or Phe-Nom and more. We’ll soon send around a google sign-up form to gauge interest for the reunion and for the prior walking tour. Stay tuned!

Once again we’ll be joining the Chabad on Campus annual raffle, which helps jumpstart our new semester. There’s no cost to Shabbos House, and any tickets purchased via this link go directly to Shabbos dinners, student programming, and all the good works here. You have a chance to win and the certainty of a Mitzvah!

We’re back after a week a jam-packed Chabad on Campus conference with sessions, seminars, workshops and all kinds of networking, we always come away with new ideas and inspiration – and grateful for our extended family of beloved students and alumni who are invested, helpful and share our mission and vision. 

A lot of the argument re: #SCOTUS (theoretically at least) has to do with #Rebbe’s take on the opposing 2 names of this week’s double #Parsha: #Matot (firm, rooted, principled, unwavering) &/vs #Massei (journeying, movement, flexible, changing). #Rebbe insists both are needed! I think most Americans would agree both #Matot & #Massei are needed, but it is a question (and a huge question!) of to what degree and of which emphasis. This is of course neither an endorsement nor a repudiation of nominee #BrettKavanaugh (though can’t help the Hebrew phonetic pun of his last name: intent), nothing political at all, rather a #Torah insight connecting with current events.

Indeed, wishes for Shabbat Shalom!
Love, Mendel and Raizy